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Spa Candle

Spa Candle

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Created with oxidized banyan leaves, these candles are beautiful additions to your bathroom or, really, any comfortable area in your home. With calming aromas available like vanilla bean and revive, these candles make for incredible additions to your spa night or even just a calm night inside. If you’re looking for handmade candles, shop Candle Envy today!


  • Three available aromas
  • Beautiful design
  • Handmade
  • Non-toxic
  • Burn time 80-100 hours. Refillable - (refills burn 25-30 hrs.)

These beautiful candles are created to bring comfort and relaxation to any spa night. With three heart warming aromas and a beautiful design, whether you’re spending the night reading in bed or taking a bath, these candles are the perfect companion. Reach out to Candle Envy today if you have any questions about our creations!

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