Candle Care

* Keep candle dust-free by using our dust cover when candle is not lit.

*Keep out of direct sunlight. Sunlight will fade the candle.

*Keep away from WATER. Water will ruin your candle. Oil and water do NOT mix.

*Do NOT remove the inner glass cup. Your candle will no longer be refillable.

*Only use our flex votive™ refills. Other candle companies votives may damage your candle.


Q: Where do I buy refills from?

A: Our patented flex votive™ refills can be purchased on our website in the shop store. We have a variety of aromas to choose from. Don’t see what your looking for, send us an email or give us a call.

Q: How do I refill my candle?

A: After your candle is burned out, wait for it to cool. Then remove the metal wick tab. DO NOT REMOVE THE CUP. Remove all the paper from the refill and drop it in. Your candle is now ready to continue to burn.

Q: How do I clean my candle?

A: See instructional video (click here)

Q: Can you make custom pieces?

A: Yes, we do custom pieces. If you are looking for a custom piece, please give us a call at 847-208-2199 or email us at info@CandleEnvy.com

Q: What if my candle arrives damaged?

A: We strive our very best to make sure that we package your candles in such a way they won’t be damaged. However, sometimes it does happen. If your candle does come damaged, please contact us via email with your order number and pictures of the box open, with the candle sitting inside of it showing the packaging. (Please do not throw away any packaging)

Q: Do you have an exchange program?

A: Unfortunately, we do not have an exchange program.

Q: What is you return policy?

A: All sales are FINAL; we only accept returns if your item is defective.  We carefully make each candle by hand, as each candle is unique. We hope that you absolutely love your candle and wouldn’t want to return it.

How do I contact your company if my question isn’t answered here?

You can email us at info@CandleEnvy.com or call us at 847-208-2199. We are available from 10am-5pm weekdays via phone.