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Fresh Coffee Candle

Fresh Coffee Candle

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Designed to look exactly like your morning coffee, this is one of our favorite candles. We have created this beautiful candle with real coffee beans, giving it a natural coffee aroma that will help to wake you up in the morning. Whether you are a coffee lover or someone just looking for a unique, handmade candle, the coffee candle from Candle Envy is perfect for you!


  • Created in a glass mug
  • Natural ingredients (including real coffee beans)
  • Aroma of fresh-brewed coffee
  • Burns 50-60 hours
  • Refillable! (Refills burn 25-30 hours each).

From kitchen tables to the living room coffee table, this candle makes for an incredible accent piece that keeps the delicious smell of coffee present in your home no matter what time of day! This handmade candle is the perfect representation of a cozy cup of coffee on a bright, cool morning or a snowy winter afternoon. Reach out to us today with more information about our products!

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