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Medium Fruit Round Candle

Medium Fruit Round Candle

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The fruit-scented candle, adorned with a delightful combination of apples, oranges, and Sala leaves, exudes a captivating tangerine aroma that transports you to a vibrant orchard filled with citrusy goodness. The candle's design features a harmonious arrangement of luscious red or green apples, juicy oranges, and vibrant Sala leaves, evoking a sense of freshness and natural beauty. As the flame dances atop the candle, it releases a tantalizing fragrance that fills the air with the zesty essence of ripe tangerines. The invigorating blend of citrus notes creates an uplifting and energizing atmosphere, infusing your surroundings with a burst of fruity delight. With its enticing fruit medley and the enchanting tangerine aroma, this candle serves as a perfect companion for creating a vibrant and revitalizing ambiance in any space. 


  • Tangerine Aroma
  • Natural design 5" Bubble Bowl
  • Burn time of 80-100 hours 
  • Refillable! (Refills burn 25-30 hours each).
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