Flex Votive™ Refillable Candles


These refillable candles come in three ounces and burn for 25-30 hours. These candles are affordable and come in tons of different aromas so that you can either try a new one each time or stick with one of your favorites! All of these refills are also compatible with all of our other refillable candles.


  • One size available
  • 49 aromas available
  • Compatible with all of our refillable candles

At Candle Envy, we are committed to providing our customers with some of the finest candle products possible. From handmade decorative candles to our simple Flex Votive™ Refills, you will find something that you love! If you are looking for refillable candles, shop our Flex Votives™ today and find out what aromas suit you best!

Additional information

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Refill Size

2oz, 3oz


Apple Pie, Beach Daisy, Bergamot & Tarragon, Black Amber & Plum, Black Cherry Merlot, Black Coral & Moss, Black Sea, Blackberry Sage, Cedar Saffron, Cinnamon Apple, Clean Cotton, Coffee, Concord Grape, Country Garden, Dry Gin & Cypress, Eucalyptus, Fresh Rain, Green Tweed, Honeydew, Honeysuckle, Hydrangea, Lavender, Lavender Driftwood, Lemongrass Eucalyptus Peppermint, Lilac, Love Spell, Mahogany Shea, Palo Santo, Peach Magnolia Raspberry, Pine, Plumeria, Raspberry Violet, Revive, Santal & Coconut, Strawberry & Cream, Sun & Sea, Sweet Pea, Tangerine, Teakwood & Cardamon, Unscented, Vanilla, Vanilla Birch, Vineyard, White Sage & Lavender, White Sangria

Burn Time

15-20, 25-30